What is the prospect of an electric boilers

- Sep 12, 2017-

What is the prospect of an electric boilers?

Electric heating boilers, with no pollution, no noise, no scale, constant temperature heating, 

power self-tuning, heating speed, etc., thermal efficiency of up to 98% or more, life expectancy 

of more than 20 years, Moreover, the electric heating does not occur leakage and other unsafe

 factors, increased product safety and stability.

Heating technology in Europe, North America and other developed countries higher penetration

 rate, Norway accounted for 90%, Japan and South Korea accounted for 80%, France and 

Sweden accounted for 70%, the United States and other European countries accounted for

 more than 50%. In China, electric heating just started. Energy-saving green economy, 

China's large city electric heating if it can be popular, haze weather will be the most effective mitigation.

These years ,electric boiler home depot sales increased a lot , At stated ,many people dont know this 

product , until now ,many countries start to find the electric boiler suppliers . also now some countries 

have good policy for electricity compustion.so the electric flow boilers is more and more popular .we 

trust the electric boilers for home heating is the furture!