The maintenance of your central heating

- Mar 28, 2018-

Why is the maintenance of a central heating system important?

We can’t say it often enough: it is highly recommended to carry out the maintenance of your central heating system for many reasons.  The main reasons are:

To ensure the integrity of the heating system, in other words, to ensure that all components are fully functional;

To ensure that the central system reaches its maximum performance;

For prevention of premature wear of parts and execution of necessary repairs or replacements to avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown and replacement during critical heating periods. When it's -25°C, you need your system to work perfectly.

Exactly what should be done during the maintenance of your central heating system?

The required steps of a complete maintenance depend on the type of system and it’s power source.

Electric central heating system maintenance

Checking all electrical components of the heating system

Checking the motor and the blower’s squirrel cage 

Filter replacement

Checking the air conditioning/heating coil if your central system includes an air conditioner unit or heat pump