The difference between the electric boiler and the gas boiler

- Sep 11, 2017-

The difference between the electric boiler and the gas boiler?

At present there are two kinds of boiler in the market, one is the gas boiler, another is the electric boiler. Electric boilers is used by electricity, gas boiler is used by gas.


About the energy consumption

2kinds boiler works and systems are basically the same, but the working principle of the boiler is different.we need to do a comprehensive analysis of electricity and gas costs:

gas boiler use  natural gas, for example, Beijing Natural gas prices in 2.3 rmb / a cubic or so, to 100 square meters of the house, for example, the use of gas boiler every month gas costs about 800-900rmb(including domestic hot water);


electric boiler is Electric energy into heat, to 100 square meters of the house, for example, heating at least need a 9KW electric boiler, electricity costs about 1,200 rmb per month


About the safety performance

Any product in the possession of not completely safe, there will be a risk of existence; so electric boiler and gas boiler will have some security risks, power damage and gas burns are very terrible consequences. But the installation location of the gas boiler, it is mainly installed in a better place to ventilate, so that not only to ensure that its use, but also to reduce the damage caused by gas to the home, and electric boiler is sometimes it is leakage ,but mostly of prodcuts has leakage protection.


Gas boiler can be heated at the same time to provide DHW and heating, the end can be connected with the radiator or underfloor system, generally used for natural gas household heating district, villas and commercial places, electric boiler  And gas boiler is basically the same can also provide heating and hot water at the same time, the end can be connected to warm or heating, electric boiler is generally used for no natural gas or central heating self-built residential or office space.


About  environmental perspective


Compared to gas boiler, electric boiler is more environmentally friendly, and it is also more convenient to use, safe.