Electric boilers kinds and specifications

- Sep 12, 2017-

Electric boilers kinds and specifications 

We are electric boilers china supplier which can produce the electric boiler 

from 2kw to 500kw,Which can heated the area from 10square meters to 

5000square meters. We can also supply different kinds electric boiler to 

match different family needs.


electric boiler for radiant heat kinds?

Closed type electric boilers

(boiler inside included expansion tank and Circulation pump)

It suits for the house which can support running water house.


Opened type Electric boilers

(Circulation pump and opened type water tank need supply in outside by buyer)

It suitable for the house which not convince supply running water


Non- pressure electric boilers

(boiler included pump and internal opened type water tank)

Its very conviance for 20-30m2 indepent room heating.


electric heating boiler Specification

* Metal out case with white paint. convenient installation structure.
* Unique patent Heating Element, high heating efficiency,
* Touch operation panel, blue LED display 
* Infrared remote control & the remote control distance can be
* The boiler is equipped with optional control unit interface. It can connect an
  external controller.
* Built-in expansion tank & pump to avoid complicated system installation.
* Double dry-heating protection function.
* Automatic anti-freezing function to ensure the continuous heating in whole winter.
* Fault auto-detection technique, the fault code will be displayed automatically while failure.
* Ultra low noise working, no effect on environment.