Electric boilers install photo

- Jul 17, 2017-

1.An electric boiler (electric boiler) converts electrical energy into heat energy and heats it up to a thermodynamic device with pressurized hot water or steam (saturated steam). It eliminates the need for furnaces, flue and chimneys, or storage of fuel, which greatly reduces the pollution caused by conventional coal-fired boilers. 

2.Electric boilers with pollution-free, noise-free, small footprint, easy installation, automatic, safe and reliable, thermal efficiency of up to 98% or more, is a green environmental protection products. Many countries began to develop electric boilers in the late the 1970s to the early 80. China in the middle of the 80 's, began to develop electric boiler products, to the middle of 90, many enterprises will be applied to electric boilers heating, central air-conditioning and hot water supply.