Electric Wet Central Heating

Electric Wet Central Heating

small electric boiler are a method of heating hot water for your heating system using only electricity. A typical boiler uses gas to heat the water, whilst an electric boiler

Product Details

Here at OPTEN we can provide electric wet central heating solutions for almost any situation from small 

domestic properties all the way to large commercial buildings and project boiler. Domestic single phase 

boilers are available from 3kW to 20Kw and commercial 3 phase boilers are available in 24kW, 36kW & 

48kW and the project boiler 200kw ,300kw and 500kw


Model-APN17 is Opened type electric boilers,the pump and refill water tank should install

In outiside of the electric boilers. Boilers is ecnomical heating boiler, it suitable for the area which no 

natural gas ,or the countryside which need cheap electric heating boiler. Or the place is do not have 

running water supplying. This type 0 pressure electric boiler also can Meet their needs.


Our electric wet central heating is popular in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, 

Uzbekistan, Russia.


Advantage of the radiant heat boiler

 Much cleaner and efficient than LPG, Oil, Solid fuel.

 Easy and Flexible installation to meet all your heating needs

 Even compared with most gas boiler systems,electric boilers are safe and neat.

They don’t produce any fumes or combustion gasses such as carbon monoxide.

They don’t need a flue,so you don’t have any worries about finding an outside wall.


Electric wet central heating


DNK-BGL1(APN17)-(Opened type)

Max. Heating Capacity









Pipe entry from boilers  


CH flow and return pipes

    25 MM (G3/4)

Dry  weight



Electric supply

                             380V   (50Hz-Three Phase

Heating temp range


Overheat protectection  


Dry heating protect


Heating area range








pump and Opened water tank

           Supply by buyer

Pump included


Factory Potentiometer temp setting


 Boiler dimensions



Manufacturer Suggest:

Boiler with Underfloor system:Suggest to set 50degrees

Boiler with radaitors:suggest to set 70-75degrees


While we choose heating power, the following conditions have to be taken into consideration

While calculating demand for thermal energy, a number of factors should be  taken into consideration:

- building cubature

- level of room ventilation

- heat accumulation

- value of heat transfer through walls, windows and ceilings

As with all types of heating, there are various Model and Power to the electric boiler which should 

be weighed up before you decide which option is best for you. The experts here at OPTEN are 

more than happy to discuss with you. Get in touch today to speak to a member of the team.


What electric boilers you are looking for

Domestic use electric boilers, Flat use electric boiler ,Villa use electric boiler,countryside use 

electric boilers ,hospital use electric boiler, university use electric boiler ,hotel electric boilers ,

restarant electric boiler,supermarket electric boiler,1phase electric boiler, three phase electric

 boilers ,industrial electric boiler , commercial electric boilers.